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An Idea is Born

SB Consulting Firm was started to support small businesses with the same quality consulting that large corporations receive, but with the small business challenges in mind.   Small businesses operate with a more personal relationship base of customers at their core, and every challenged faced is more than a business decision, it is about people.  SB Consulting Firm believes that Small businesses are the core of America and we value the strength and resilience of Americans to achieve The American Dream.   We are here to support that dream and the strength of the American business.

Strategy for Small Business

The goal of strategy for our clients is to enable small businesses to make core directional choices the will best move you toward your hope-for future with assistance, direction, and coaching.  We believe this hope and determination are the strength of the American Small Business.   We see Hoped-for futures  revolve around providing or creating something new or better and offering it to customers in a way that excites them or solves a big problem for them.   We can help drive your business to the next level of achieving your goals, or helping to steer towards a direction that may not have been attainable on your own.  We are here to help you to achieve your dreams.  Call, Text, or Email with any questions.  We can help with nearly any area of your business to improve operations, progress, and profits.

Our Objective for Small Business Owners

Instead of seeing business - and strategy and business education- as a matter of figuring out how to defeat one's known rivals and protect oneself against competition through structural barriers, if a business is to survive, it must aim to add value to customers through continuous innovation and finding new ways of delighting customers.

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