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Zimmerman v. Zirpolo Trust: "Conflicts Of Interest" For Personal Representatives—A Closer Look

A parent may represent and bind the interest of their minor child, provided there is no conflict of interest between the parent and the child with respect to a particular question or dispute. Once acting in the representative role, the parent may inv… Read More
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The CAUV Election: A Fourth Bite at the Estate Tax Apple

This article is an extension of the article written by James K. Leonard, Esq., The Leveraged Exclusion Amount: Still the Best Way to Reduce Ohio State Taxes for Married Clients, which was published in the September/October 2003 edition of Probate Law… Read More
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Most six year old boys want to be firefighters, superheroes, or astronauts when they grow up, but when Joe Schroeder was that age, he knew he wanted to be a lawyer, and he didn’t need to look far for his inspiration. Joe’s father and uncle were b… Read More
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Attorney Anna Mae Blankemeyer has been an integral part of the firm since 1986. Originally a part-time associate, Anna Mae immediately demonstrated that she was a team player, diving into the firm’s real estate practice where she was most needed. A… Read More
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Megan Seitz Clinton is dedicated to providing exceptional, responsive and personalized service to her clients. For the fifteen years prior to joining the firm in 2019, she practiced for several boutique real estate and corporate law firms in New York… Read More

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