Areas SB Consulting Firm can support your business

These are examples of areas SB Consulting Firm can support your business, but we are not limited to these business areas.  SB Consulting Firm welcomes all inquires and challenges.  We can support any issue that your business is challenged with and will grow with our clients.  Contact us with all inquires for free initial consultation.

Business Management/Administrative

This area is key to all small businesses as it can typically be done by the owners themselves.  The administrative and management function is to handle the business, planning, decision making, and financial review.  The department links with other areas of the business to ensure the smooth flow of information and operations.  As the business grows, this area can begin to consume more time of business owners and take the talent of the owner away from what they do best that created the business and drives the growth.

Growth Strategies

Most small companies have plans to grow their business and increase sales and profits.  However, there are certain methods companies must use for implementing a growth strategy.  The method a company uses to expand its business is largely contingent upon its financial satiation, the competition, and even government regulations.  Some common growth strategies in business include market penetration, market expansion, product expansion, diversification, and acquisitions.  SB Consulting Firm can assist your business with these strategies and many others.  We can help develop custom strategies designed around your business and customers to attain your goals.


For every business, sales plays the biggest role in any organization's success.  The sales department is responsible for generating revenues.  Sales is tasked with ensuring that the sale of products and services transform into profit.  The sales department will coordinate with the marketing department in terms of brand-awareness, product-launching, and more.  Sales develops methods of how to sell the product or service to their target customers/end users.


Logistics is the general management of how resources are acquired, stored, and transported to their final destination.  Logistics management involves identifying prospective distributors and suppliers for determining their effectiveness and accessibility.  Ultimately, management establishes a relationship with the appropriate companies or handles their own logistics.  Logistics is more than selecting a carrier to ship a package.  It can involve selecting which mode, method, day, and type of shipping is best for your material, and how to coordinate this with your production.  Should you buy in bulk to save shipping costs and gain pricing discounts?  Are these discounts enough to help offset your inventory holding costs?  And does our demand justify allocating the capital to the goods?  These are all business questions that relate to your logistics and what will make the most profit for your business structure.  SB Consulting Firm can assist with these analytics. 


The distribution department is responsible for receiving orders and delivering the correct orders to the correct customers at the right place and the right time.  No matter how good a product is, it will be deemed useless if it does not reach the customer.  Are your goods shipping the most efficient method possible (inbound & outbound)?  If not, extra expenses incurred can be considered waste, or lost profits.  Logistics can be an easy avenue to increase margins in a business without having to change sales.  This is a good place to start finding efficiencies. 


The Operations department is held responsible for overseeing, designing, and controlling the process of production and redesigning business operations when necessary.  This area designs the processes that produce products, goods, or services for end customers.  The way operations are conducted are specific to a business, but all businesses have operation processes that drive their businesses on a daily basis.  Refining these processes can save time, reduce waste, increase productivity, increase customer satisfaction, and increase profitability.

Process Development & Improvement

In Engineering, a process is a series of interrelated tasks that, together, transform inputs into outputs.  These tasks may be carried out by people, nature, or machines using various resources.  An engineered process must be considered in the context of the agents carrying out the tasks and the resource attributes involved.

Process Improvement is the proactive task of identifying, analyzing, and improving upon existing business processes within an organization for optimization and to meet new quotas, or standards of quality.

Creating and Improving Processes can standardize operations, save time, save cost, and create consistent quality for your customers.  SB Consulting Firm can help your business in finding the efficiencies in your processes and increase your margins.

Customer Service

Customer Service is responsible for the interctions with customers regarding inquires, complaints, and orders.  It can also include having a help desk/reception and contact centers.  In small businesses this can often be the owner themselves.  Being the face the customers associate with the business is a privlage to many business owners, but that same appreciatation can be difficult to articulate to some staff.  The focus of customer support is providing top quality service and creating a memorable customer experience to potential, new, and existing customers.  This often comes naturally to small business owners.  A good relationship with customers will create customer loyalty.  Your interactions and relationships built with customers are key to what drives your business.  Small business owners themselves often become what many customers associate with a business.  This is a unique aspect not found in large corporations, and is something SB Consulting Firm can help refine for the use of your entire business.  So when you are on vacation, your staff delivers a consistent customer experience based on your vision for your business.

Production & Manufacturing

For businesses involved in production and manufacturing, it is vital to the business that the products are of repeatable quality and free from defects.  Production will convert raw materials into finished goods through a series of production processes.  The other function of production is to ensure the finished goods are effectively and efficiently manufactured at the highest levels.  How to build these products with efficient processes that produce repeatable quality consistently at the most optimal profit margin is where firms can struggle, or not even see opportunities for cost savings.  Saving time, reducing waste, and increasing consistent quality are internal actions that can be taken right away to improve profit margins today, without selling even a single more unit.  SB Consulting Firm can help you find these savings.


Purchasing is a basic function of all small businesses that is essential to maintaining and increasing profitability.  This area is responsible for sourcing materials, machines, equipment, suppliers, temp labor, professional services, rental space, distribution firms, and many other areas of business.  This department ensures that the materials and services are delivered in the correct quantities, at the right price, and made available at the right time from the correct supplier.  This is where a small business can increase margins easily by focusing on cost savings on the front end.  SB Consulting Firm can help you develop your purchasing processes and metrics to increase your margins.