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Our History

The firm currently known as Schroeder, Blankemeyer, and Clinton, LLC, has served the Ottawa, Ohio community since 1954, when attorney George E. Schroeder opened its doors. A World War II Air Corps veteran, George attended college and law school at Notre Dame on the GI Bill before returning home to Ottawa to start his firm.

Known for going the extra mile for his clients, George was doing a booming business as a solo practitioner. By the early 1970s, George realized he needed another attorney to help serve his clients. He turned to his youngest brother Clyde, who had recently graduated at the top of his law school class (while working full time and raising a family). Clyde had turned down other big city opportunities, but coming back to Ottawa and joining the family firm felt right.

In 1972, Clyde and his family returned from Columbus to his hometown of Ottawa, and Clyde joined the firm as a partner. Other attorneys joined the firm, including Anna Mae Blankemeyer, who became an essential member of the team in 1986.

The firm welcomed its second generation of Schroeders in 1998, when Clyde’s son Joe joined the firm. By this time, George had retired. Joe and his wife, both attorneys in Cleveland, were expecting their first child and knew they wanted to raise their family in a small-town environment. Joe welcomed the opportunity to practice in the town where he grew up watching his father and uncle serve the community.

In 2001, Anna Mae and Joe became partners, and the firm became known as Schroeder, Blankemeyer, and Schroeder. In 2005, Clyde took a step back from full-time practice and became of counsel to the firm; he retired altogether a few years later.

Attorney Megan Seitz Clinton, another Ottawa native, returned home to Ohio and joined the firm in 2019, after having practiced law in New York City. Megan became a partner in 2020, and the firm assumed its current name.

Our Approach

Like our founder, George E. Schroeder, we still believe in going the extra mile for our clients. Having practiced in large cities, we are trained in the sophisticated approach large firms bring to complex work. Having grown up in small towns, we appreciate being able to offer personal attention to clients who are also our neighbors and friends.

We know our clients well—their circumstances, their needs, their goals. In some cases, we’ve known their families for generations. We take pride in being available and accountable to our clients, focused not just on the legal issues but on the real people affected by them.

At Schroeder, Blankemeyer and Clinton, we are grateful to have deep roots in Ottawa and Northwestern Ohio, and we look forward to serving our community for many years to come.

Meet our Attorneys

Joseph C. Schroeder's Profile Image
Most six year old boys want to be firefighters, superheroes, or astronauts when they grow up, but when Joe Schroeder was that age, he knew he wanted to be a lawyer, and he didn’t need to look far for his inspiration. Joe’s father and uncle were b… Read More
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Attorney Anna Mae Blankemeyer has been an integral part of the firm since 1986. Originally a part-time associate, Anna Mae immediately demonstrated that she was a team player, diving into the firm’s real estate practice where she was most needed. A… Read More
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Megan Seitz Clinton is dedicated to providing exceptional, responsive and personalized service to her clients. For the fifteen years prior to joining the firm in 2019, she practiced for several boutique real estate and corporate law firms in New York… Read More

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